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Aviall Kit Shop

Located in our warehouse between the receiving and shipping areas, the Aviall Kit Shop hums with its own activity. This determined group of seven employees churns out thousands of kits each year, which can be created by any combination of parts to make the customer’s life easier. They are built around a specific activity, for example pilot training, fuel cell repair, overhauls and component assembly. Several major manufacturers are well represented in these kits, including Jeppeson, Rolls Royce, PTI, Honeywell, and GE Engines. The Kit shop also has experience building government landing gear kits and EBU kits.

Kits can be requested by customers or suppliers and can be built as stock items (“build to stock”) or on demand (“build to order”), which may include shipping the kits directly to the customer. The Kit shop handles anything but hazmat materials and also packages delicate or oversized items. Kit components are packaged in sequential order for easy reference. Furthermore, each item is individually packaged with its paperwork for complete traceability.

Why It Works

Originally an extension of Aviall’s hose shop and manned by a part time employee in the early 2000’s, the Kit shop has grown to become a distinct value-added service at Aviall. The Kit shop follows very closely with Aviall’s mission to constantly improve efficiency through Lean Sigma processes. Past studies have led to a reduction in the amount of inventory held at the Kit shop, as well as expediting the building process by eliminating wasted steps and managing the work flow.

How We Back It Up

The Kit shop very nearly has a 100% accuracy rate due to the multiple checks they’ve implemented throughout the building process. They have built kits with as little as four lines and as many as 176 lines. Kits with twenty lines or less have a five-day turnaround requirement, and larger kits have a ten-day turnaround. Most often, kit builds are completed within a day or two after the work order has entered their queue. In 2011, the Kit shop assembled nearly 19,000 individual kits, and is on track for 2013 to build over 20,000.

Utilize the Aviall Kit Shop

Customers benefit greatly when the Aviall Kit Shop can meet a need. It reduces multiple SKUs to be stocked down to one, all without sacrificing the traceability that sets Aviall apart from its competitors. The Kit Shop team can assist in customizing a solution specific to a customer or supplier. Aviall invites you to learn more about this value-added service if you think it will complement your business.

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